Two Mountain Mavens has one missionhelping you obtain the goals you have for yourself and your family. Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We are there to bring those goals to fruition.

From the moment you become a client we are by your side supporting you, backing your decisions, and cheering you on. Our clients often become just like family, think of having a best friend. A best friend who knows all about pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period but a best friend who doesn’t have a bias in supporting you.

Safety and security are our highest priority in helping you reach your goals. We know that every choice you make is based on what is best for your family and we will always give our honest educated opinion when it comes to the questions or concerns you have.

How do we provide all of this? By staying up to date on all current research from reputable organizations, continuing our education on a frequent basis, and by building strong and trusting relationships with our clients and other professionals. Reference will always be available from past clients and professionals we have worked with personally.


I firmly believe continuously labor support is a valuable investment. Two Mountain Mavens are a huge asset to any birth team. They provide individualized, patient centered, hands on care in the most professional way. I highly recommend a doula for any patient wanting additional labor/birth/ or postpartum care, and Two Mountain Mavens are my first choice.

Holly Drake

Certified Nurse Midwife

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